Ice Cream Packaging Designs Inspiration

For most designers, ice cream is not only a tasty treat to eat on a hot summer day, but also a good reason to come up with creative packaging designs. Just like any other product, ice cream needs to have beautiful and eye-catching packaging. Nevertheless, the packaging should also be practical to keep the product fresh and cool, so it does not melt in a short period.
Today, we will be featuring creative and aesthetically-pleasing ice cream packaging designs that caught our attention:

Commonfolk 平民 Ice-cream by Jolyn Ong


Pipersglass – concept by Camilla Danielsson


TAIYAKI NYC / VI design by Ching-Tat Lee


Ooh La Creme by Huan Nguyen and Roan Magpantay


DINO ICE / fruit ice lolly by Sasha B. Perelman and Katya Mushkina


Wauw! by Snask and Jens Nilsson


Winter Milk by Anagrama Studio


Mint Elephant by Logo Machine and Regina Kushtanov


Package Design: Ice Cream by Mary Komary


Itália Alcoholic Ice Cream by Studio Fernanda Schmidt


Eyes Cream Truck // Branding by Mohd Almousa and Millimeter Brands


BERRY GOOD AÇAÍ by Brain&Bros DZ. and Noah Wilcox


Ekselence Macaroons by Alexey Gorozhanin


Sweez – Sweet & Freezing by Maurício Cardoso


Beachy Cream Ice Cream Pint Packaging by Nicole LaFave


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30 Awesome Typography Sketches to Inspire You

With the recent and rapid growth of technology, products made by hand have become much more appealing because they are not as frequent and widespread as they used to be. Although softwares such as Photoshop have taken over drawing, sketching by hand during the design stages of a new product is still sought after, mostly because there is something magical about a pen and a piece of paper.

In this collection, we have picked some inspiring examples of typography sketches that show you the creative process and behind-the-scenes of how fonts, logos, and other designs:

Living Stream by Eddie Lobanovskiy


Silent Hunter Logo Design – Branding by Ramotion


Stumpanovic Sketch by Colin Tierney


Lettering by Mike | Creative Mints


Photographer by Paul von Excite


Lettering and Calligraphy Vol.2 by Kobby Mendez


Shaded lettering set by Abrakadabra


Recent Works | Personal Project by Ihsan Almarshus


Runner, shirt lettering by Paul von Excite


Fantastic by Olga Vasik


Grab a Brew Sketch by Wells


Future by Max Pirsky


Work and Hustle by Christian Decianni


Revising “Unify” by Paul von Excite


Make your own kind of music by Olga Vasik


Never forget who you are by mdemilan


Going where the wind blows by Mark van Leeuwen


Shake It Off by Mark van Leeuwen


Happy Birthday To You by Ross Moody


Logo&Type – Handlettering by Mateusz Witczak


Hand Type Vol. 14 by Raul Alejandro


Rivals by Mark van Leeuwen


Sketches & Logos by Jackson Alves


Chronic Creator by Sean McCabe


Blur The Line Between Work & Play by Sean McCabe


Adventure by Mark van Leeuwen


Do it with love by Mark van Leeuwen


I am not another font by Jenna Bresnahan


Coffee is Adventure by Alex Spenser


The Greatest Pleasure by Mark van Leeuwen


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Swimming Pool Photography Series by Maria Svarbova

Maria Svarbova is a Slovakia-based photographer, born in 1988. Although she has studied archeology and restoration, she finds photography the perfect medium for artistic expression. She experiments with pastels and the architecture of public places. Her signature style of visual purity has won her a few awards for her solo and group exhibitions.

Just how famous is her artwork? Prominent magazines of the world, such as Vogue, Forbes, The Guardian, to name a few, have published Svarbova’s masterpieces. She has also created a grand promotion for the Taipei 101 tower, in Taiwan.

Her photography is a playful mix of light, color, and space. Maria’s postmodern vision boldly articulates a dialog that compels the viewer to respond to the mystery, loneliness, and isolation of the human experience. Experimenting with light, colors, and space, her artwork gives away a sense of ethereality and stillness.

Here we have collected Maria Svarbova swimming pool photography series. Scroll down and see for yourself the ideal blend and balance between color, shape, and light:

Maria Svarbova’s Artwork

If you like Maria’s photography, make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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Impressive Self-Portraits by Isabella Bubola

For Isabella Bulova, a 26-year old photographer from Croatia, true passion lies in fine art. She started shooting everything surrounding her, including herself, since she was barely 11. Before graduating from high school, Isabella changed her mind about studying languages and took up art education instead. Nevertheless, words fascinate her. She is a translator of ideas and words into photography and colors. But her inspiration is not limited to communication and language. For her, it’s all about a specific moment in time. In an interview for Dodho Magazine, she confesses that

“I’m searching for tiny moments that happen in a fraction of a second and struggle to capture them. When I’m shooting portraits, it’s always those moments that fascinate me. A frown, a raised eyebrow, distress, curled up lips, the unexpected.”

The only model available at that moment was herself. So Isabella started documenting her own self in a form of a visual diary. She is trying to capture a moment with color and real emotions. Not only is she amazing at photography and blogging, but also at creating collage art, jewelry, and graphic design. When asked what inspires her most, Isabella Bulova answered,

“My work is strongly influenced by nature, dreams and the surreal. I approach every photograph as a unique piece that tells a story and emotionally engages the viewer. When I’m not holding my camera, I spend my time watching movies with friends (and eating nachos!) while my cats keep us company.”

Isabella Bubola’s Artwork

If you like Isabella Bubola photography, check out her works on her website.

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21 Minutely-detailed Chalkboard Art to See

Coffee shops have been using chalkboard illustrations and typography lately. There is something beautiful about chalkboard art. Maybe because it seems so transient with its faded colors, for nothing feels more ephemeral than creative designs that can be erased with a wave of one’s hand. However, when it comes to chalkboard signs, coffee shops use them because they can easily change menu items or working hours.

Chalkboard art is mainly used for café and restaurant menus when decorating hotel or office walls. Granted, creating illustrations of this kind requires creativity, skills, and a lot of practice. For this very reason, we are always impressed with chalkboard designs whenever they pop up. Thus, this collection shows 21 minutely-detailed examples of chalkboard art from all over the globe:

Never Lose Your Flame by Scott Biersack


Give Thanks <3 by spencerventure


Bakery Chalking by Jennet Liaw


Think Make Validate by Keaton Herzer


Chalklapse by Alice Lee


Chalkboard Red Adair Quote
by Drew Ellis


My Workspace
by Molly Jacques


Pregnancy Announcement!
by Peter Deltondo


Every Day We’re Hustlin’
by Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn


Art Never Finished
by Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn


Fury Erasing
by Brianna Ailie


Logo for a beer – sketches
by jackson alves


Chalkboard JOY JUICE by Estudio Italico, Victor Tognollo, Camila Actum


Sid Lee Chalk Mural


Santo Pane by Mariane Silvestre


Mei Mei mural
by Sophie Greenspan


Bring Your Funky Self
by Eric Friedensohn


by Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn


by Kim Panella


Typography Chalkboard Print 2
by Bruno Maioral


California Dreamin’
by spencerventure


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