11 Cool Futuristic Car Concepts You Need to See

Mercede-Maybach, Bugatti, Ferrari, Tesla, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Porsche. It’s no doubt that everybody has heard of these car manufacturers. If not, everyone has dreamed of having a luxury or sports car. Did you know that the most expensive sports car in 2017 is Koenigsegg’s CCXR Trevita? You can own it for a whopping $4.8 million! Koenigsegg is a Swedish high-performance sports car manufacturer, which boasts with other insanely expensive cars, namely One:1 and Regera, for $2 million each. What about the most expensive luxury car? You guessed it! It is the one-off Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero for $10.1 million. Why not buy an island with that money?

What all these cars have in common (besides excellent specs) is an aerodynamic design that is futuristic and jaw-dropping. The purpose of aerodynamics is to:

  • reduce drag and wind noise;
  • minimize noise emission;
  • prevent undesired lift forces at high speeds.

Not only that, but proper principles of aerodynamics allow sonic and supersonic speeds. Only planes managed to break the sound barrier by now. Yet, we do not know what the future holds in store. One day, cars may reach supersonic and even hypersonic speeds, which is five times faster than the speed of sound. Regarding the design, these futuristic concepts focus on fluidity and cohesion. The colors are bright but not flashy. They seem to employ a neon-themed palette for their designs. The following collection is only conceptual, since these cars have yet to be manufactured. Still, these 11 cool futuristic concepts will definitely amaze you! Scroll down and enjoy the collection:

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6


The design of the concept of EQA


Jaguar’s Future-Type Concept


Kia Concept


Mini John Cooper


BMW i vision dynamics electric concept car


AUDI’s all-electric ‘aicon’ concept


Honda retro-styled urban EV concept


exclusive BMW concept Z4


Mercedes-Maybach 6 cabriolet concept


MINI electric concept vehicle


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20 Powerful Brand Video Examples that Tell a Story

The art of storytelling exists since time immemorial. The beauty of technology is that we can make use of it to tell visceral and complex stories in just a few minutes. A promo or brand video is one of the best ways to tell clients your story and promote your services. A well-structured and eye-catchy brand video creates that buzz around your brand and increase client awareness.

The very first thing to consider if you are going to create a brand video is sharing your own story. Be it your hobbies, loved ones, career, favorite songs and movies, how you first set up your business, or whatever matters to you, your clients will love it. A promo video adds more personality to your brand and shows potential clients that you are also human and ready to connect with them. Remember, the crux of the matter is to cause positive emotions with your footage. You can hire a videographer to create a video for you based on your story.

We have put together 20 creative powerful brand videos for your inspiration. Maybe you’ll find some cool ideas to implement in your future projects. Who knows? We might just find about you online.

The Minnetonka Story

Photographer Promo for Jessica Roberts

128 Years of Coca-Cola’s History in 2 Minutes

Dr. Martens – The History

Direct Brand Video

Brand Video

The History of Apple in 2 Minutes

Imagine The Possibilities | Barbie

KI: Michael Levin

74 Years of McDonald’s Marketing in Two Minutes

Cadabbra — Brand Animation

Promo for Brazilian photografer Fernanda Petelinkar

Bond. Brand Loyalty

Experience Pana Photography

Panda Brand Video

We Are Trendi Creative

Apple – Perspective

Xbox One: The Best-Selling Console in America

2015 Smith Brand Video

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20 Inspiring Editorial Designs from All Over the World

Today we are talking about Inspiring Editorial Designs from all over the world and about the importance of delivering information with style. But before we move to that part, let’s answer a few essential questions:

Do people still buy magazines these days? If they do, why and what type of magazines do they read?

The difference between reading news on the internet and from an actual magazine is major. Firstly, the internet provides you with plenty of articles and news. It would take way too long to sieve the information that is not faithful to the reality from that that speaks the truth. There are plenty of articles that not always provide you intentionally or unintentionally with the most accurate information. Of course, if you have already subscribed to blogs you know for sure they deliver real news and information, that should not change.

We live in an era where information is THE keyword. We are surrounded by information at every step. But how do you choose our source of information? What are the criteria?

When it comes to magazines, find out which are the ones with authority on the subject you are interested in. Find out what magazines the greatest designers read and give them a try. I’m sure you’ll find a ton of great information.
Another reason people choose magazines over virtual articles is due to the experience they deliver. Some people simply prefer flipping through the pages rather than clicking or scrolling down on a device. When it comes to choosing between a magazine over a book when taking a public transit, some people prefer magazines. They find it easier to focus on a short article until they finish it rather than a whole chapter.

Taking these arguments into consideration, I personally believe that magazines’ life is not over yet. Hence people seek for the best quality-price ratio, why not try to satisfy them? Whether you are a graphic designer, a photographer or simply in search for inspiration, you have come to the right place! We discussed the importance of real and reliable articles, but that’s not enough in order for a person to choose a magazine. Each article has to feature relevant, eye-catching images. You can either screw up an entire article with your images and text combination or make it a best-seller.

Here are 20 lovely editorial designs for your inspiration. These are printed designs used in magazines, brochures, books, and so on. We’ve also selected a few with their cool bio descriptions. Some are very poetic. These might just help you write your own:

  • Pavement Mag. “[…] a streetwear magazine that […] focuses on urban culture and offers an alternative perspective to conventional high-end fashion aesthetics.”


  • Film Frames. “[…] a collection of frames and images that have shaped my way of seeing things.”


  • Minimum Fax. “[it] means, first of all, independence. And pursuing independence means choosing a (new) direction, which is neither parallel nor perpendicular to that of anyone else, nor even the intersection.”


  • Heim Magazine. “[…] an independent lifestyle magazine, which reminds of essential traditions, inspires innovation and guides to find a balance between them […]


  • Iceland Book. “By bike, the viewing time is not limited to distances. The horizon unfolds towards an impulse of infinity. There is no cheat or ceremony. The majestic crushing of the landscape speaks for itself. In the jungle of the ego, nature raises consciences. His voice is revealed in everyone as a response of existence.”


  • 360° Magazine. “Different craft techniques and forms can be obtained by bamboo in the collision and fusion of different cultures […] The dialogues of bamboo creations will certainly bring rich enlightenment.”


  • London Type. “[…] a photographic compilation of London’s shop fronts and bits of type found over the course of a year. It’s a visual expression of the city through typography, a celebration of the contrasting cultures and influences that together make up this city before they disappear.”

Pavement Mag

Inspiring Editorial Designs
Inspiring Editorial Designs

Film Frames

Inspiring Editorial Designs
Eye-catching Editorial Designs

Minimum Fax – New brand identity

Unique Editorial Designs
unique Inspiring Editorial Designs

Heim magazine, n.1

Beautiful Editorial Designs

Madelynn Magazine

Stunning Editorial Designs
Beautiful and Inspiring Editorial Designs

A Different View

Different and Inspiring Editorial Designs
Colorful and Inspiring Editorial Designs


Inspiring Editorial Designs
Eye-Catching and Beautiful Editorial Designs

novum 07.17 »corporate identities«

Editorial Designs
Lovely Editorial Designs

Poemas Ilustrados

Floral Editorial Designs

TecReview • ¿A quién le importan las científicas?

Scientific Editorial Designs
Scientific Editorial Designs

Carmen Chan Book

Minimalist Editorial Designs
Minimalist Editorial Designs

Realcraft Catalog

Minimalist Editorial Designs
Nature Editorial Designs

Livro – Por que as florestas do Brasil são devastadas?

Watercolor Editorial Designs
Watercolor Editorial Designs


Black & White Editorial Designs
Black & White Editorial Designs


Pastel Editorial Designs
Pastel Editorial Designs

Slanted Magazine #29 – Helsinki

Unique Editorial Designs
Unique Editorial Designs

Daily Report | Environmental Protection Authority

Creative Editorial Designs
Creative Editorial Designs

Design 360° Magazine no.70 – Narration of Bamboo

High Quality Editorial Designs
High Quality Editorial Designs

Media Economy Report Vol.10

Editorial Designs
High Quality Editorial Designs

London Type

High Quality Editorial Designs
Editorial Designs

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