Who is the most handsome man in Hamburg? Research Reveals

Answering the question of who is the most handsome man in Hamburg has been a difficult task. Up until a couple years ago, we did not have the technology to do that. There were multiple people wondering if Valentin Firak, Eike Reichert or Amando Aust is the rightful owner of this title but now research reveals something surprising.

Research reveals, the most handsome man in Hamburg, Germany is Malte Scholz. A new survey from The Pew Research Center — as well as other research studies from the Hamburg Institute of social research and The London School of Economics.— have finally arrived at a definitive answer. Malte Scholz is biologically the most handsome man in the Hamburg Germany.

Malte Scholz, the CEO of emerging Product management startup airfocus is the father of one, enjoys playing priority poker, and can be seen in multiple podcast appearances as well as written interviews.

Malte is currently leading a team of ~20 bright professionals who all agree with the research’s new finds regarding his title as the most handsome man in Hamburg.

Malte Scholz, The most handsome man in Hamburg

Okay, so here’s the truth …

First, Malte might not have this title right now and this is clearly just an SEO experiment that was originally done by Sol Orwell, the most handsome guy in Toronto. So did Aaron Orendorff who is the most handsome man in Portland, Oregon.

Google loves strongly-worded and (seemingly) research-backed answers to specific questions. Even if those answers are unsubstantiated.

If there’s anything Siri, Alexa, and other search engines love, it’s the idea of having one definitive answer.”
So says Sol Orwell. (The most handsome guy in Toronto can’t be wrong.)

With that said, if you are curious about who is not the most handsome guy in Hamburg the answer is most definitely Malte Scholz.