ABeamer Animation is a simple, yet powerful tool that allows you to create animations within a web browser and generate the images, frame-by-frame into a local drive or the cloud.

ABeamer Animation

ABeamer is not like any animation software in that you can create and save animations, one frame at a time, all with transparency at high resolution and lossless compression without dropping frames.

ABeamer Animation

The reason this is so useful is because companies no longer need to rely on local drives for storage space. Using the cloud, anyone with access to the web browser can create a cool GIF and  instantly submit stories straight to its destination and it will be render perfectly frame-by-frame. In short, this allows anyone using video streaming services, ad networks, and any e-commerce company to directly upload text, images, and effects to videos and images just by using a web browser.

ABeamer Animation

So, what do you get with ABeamer animation?

  • ABeamer web browser library – This is a very versatile tool with lots of room for addition. Typescript/Javascript library and a vast tool-kit cut the time for creating complex animations down to a minimum.


  • ABeamer render server agent – the render server agent tool is designed to communicate directly with the render server, and save each frame of the animation to the disk. It will run with full potential supporting code handlers and in a clean environment that will allow you to safely render animations created by someone else.
  • ABeamer command line utility – A simple tool that allows you to build projects, animate, and render frames.


ABeamer Animation

There are many, I repeat, MANY features that ABeamer has to offer:


  • Free and Open-source.
  • Simple and intuitive design.
  • Supports rendering in the cloud in a sanitized environment.
  • Extensively documented: End-User Documentation and Developer Documentation.
  • Absolutely minimum dependencies.
  • Highly Extensible via plugins including interpolators, functions, flyovers and tasks.
  • Tasks to build complex animations and F/X.
  • Large gallery of example projects.
  • Multiple scenes (only default scenes are teleportable).
  • Scene transitions.
  • Expressions, functions and variables.
  • Parallel and off-sync property animations.
  • Teleportable JQuery-like containers.
  • Teleportable flyovers.
  • Saves frame-by-frame into a file sequence with transparency and at high resolution.
  • Optional support for SCSS, LESS and TypeScript
  • DOM and Virtual Elements, Animators and Scenes.
  • Localization of messages and plugin functionalities, including functions and variables.

CSS animation

Unfortunately, ABeamer doesn’t support CSS animations. However, it was designed in a very similar way to CSS. That being said, it’s very easy to convert CSS into ABeamer animations.

ABeamer Animation


Let’s go back and talk about that vast tool-kit. These tools are focused around extensibility and teleportation, which can be extended via plugins. Some of the tools include:


  • Scene transitions
  • Info flyover
  • Video-sync flyover
  • Wrappers
  • Text tasks: Text-split task, typewriter task
  • Factory task
  • Decipher task
  • Color-attack task
  • Shape task
  • Speech shape task
  • Charts task


All of these, plus tons more, coming soon.

ABeamer Animation

ABeamer is still in Beta stage, but they need your help. If this is something you’d be interested in, then keep the project alive! Help the developers take this thing to the next level. Donate now and reap the rewards when you get one beast of an animator software later.

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