There’s nothing like a cup of coffee to start your day. It’s true that coffee has become a huge part of our everyday morning routine. Whether you drip it or ground the beans yourselves, a flavorful cup of coffee will surely jump-start your day. There’s a myriad of coffee brands you can buy nowadays. From Latino blends to Ethiopian Heirloom or even a good old cup of Seattle’s Best®, you might feel flooded by all the variety on the market. You might not know all the differences in flavor. In short, it is quite a challenge to choose the right brand of coffee. Right?

When it comes to coffee, the very first thing we pay attention to is packaging. We will not be talking about vacuum sealing, but about the actual design. Marketers have been trying their best to make the packaging of their products stand out. These 20 creative coffee packaging designs will inspire you as you are sipping your coffee:

Dear Mama by Cosa Nostra, M Kapinos, Maciej Witkowski

Darkstar Coffee by Adrian Perrine

Le Petit Café by Mustafa Akülker and MARKA NETWORK

o r i g i n by Marina Porte

Double bit axe by Daria Stetsenko

Coffee and People cafe branding by Dmitry Neal, Egor Golopolosov and BOOMAGA

Doz Roastery by Ipek Eris

Kokomo Coffee packaging by AKU and Ryan Chapman

ROUSED by Sydney Jacobson

COFFEE INN coffee by Valerija Zileniene, Algirdas Orantas, Irmantas Savulio

Röstraum Coffee by Glod Design

BARE Coffee Roasters by Eric Lee

Coffee Roaster packaging by Eric Nyffeler

Roasted Coffee by Jacob Waites

KUWA Coffee by Sacha Lovell

City of Saints: House Blend Packaging by Phalen Reed

BeanUp! Coffee Roaster Identity by Peter Kocur

Gravity Coffee Packaging by Forever After Design Studio

JET | Coffee Bag Packaging by Sammy Spiteri

So!Food Pastry & Coffee by Nelly Boyanova

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