Michael Jantzen amazed us with his brilliant futuristic architecture projects. We invite you to join us on a trip to 2050+.

The architect and designer  Michael Jantzen has worked extensively on the architectural evolution of buildings.
His artwork is a combination of imagination and craziness, ingenuity, and cleverness, complexity achieved in a simple way. Most noteworthy, he takes typical buildings and transforms them into completely atypical structures with a futuristic look.

His projects propose autonomous energy management buildings that not only prevent pollution but also use energy effectively. Michael’s work has been exhibited at the National Building Museum, the Canadian Center for Architecture, the Harvard School of Design and Architecture, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. If you want to see more of Michael Jantzen’s ideas, visit his website.


Check out these futuristic architecture designs and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

1. Eco-Shell Multi-Use Building System

This structure, which is constructed of nine vaults, provides a great energy efficient alternative. Therefore, it could be used in the agricultural industry for a wide range of purposes.

2. Rolling Solar Recliner

Do you enjoy swinging on your grandma’s old chair? Are you also a fan of futuristic architecture and technology? Then it seems like this rolling solar recliner has been designed especially for you!

3. Stair-Scrapes

This is a new perception of what public space means. Not only that you can eat, relax, exercise and meet up with your friends here, but this place also provides you with unlimited internet access.

4. Eco-Tower

This futuristic architecture will find its home on a university campus or in a public place. The urban tree produces and stores energy, rainwater, and oxygen. Moreover, the Wi-Fi is indispensable here!

5. Sounds of the Sun Pavilion

This metallic octopus is a piece of futuristic art and science combined. Powered by the solar cells, this gigantic structure provides energy for the entire community.

6. A Gathering Place

Another gathering place! Say “Goodbye!” to the old, traditionally looking coffee shops. This mobile construction can be placed in an existing building or even outside. However, like any other futuristic architecture, the Wi-Fi is a must.

7. North Slope Ski Hotel

This amazing futuristic white architecture is an Eco-friendly ninety-five room luxury hotel powered by the wind and sun. Are you adventurous enough to give it a try?

8. The Super Collider Pavilion

This is a proposal for a public art project. Visitors can climb the stairs and walk onto the circular path. Would you like to go for a walk in here?

9. Sun Rays Pavilion

This simple but futuristic architecture is designed to celebrate the daily return of the sun’s rays on earth. It can generate the needed electricity to power the pavilion and the local grid. Amazing, right?

10. Solar Wake Pavilion

This solar pavilion serve as a gathering place for private and/or community events. It also generates and stores alternative energy for its home community.

11. Space Time Transformation Foot Bridge

This unusual bridge senses the movements of pedestrians and responds by changing its shape while they are walking.

12. Great River Turbine

This water turbine functions both like a powerful electricity generator and as a tourists attraction. It is designed to be placed near a large city where it could generate pollution-free electricity for the city. What a brilliant invention!

13. The Colorado River Bridge Hotel

This is a design proposal for a luxury futuristic hotel that is also a massive bridge. If you want to spend a luxurious vacation and enjoy the sunset over the river, this futuristic architecture could be the perfect place!

The Colorado River canyon near Page Arizona

14. Wind Tunnel Footbridge

It is a design proposal for a new modern covered bridge that uses the wind to produce different sounds.

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