Macro Room is an entertaining agency filming incredible macro videos which show the beauty of our world! This beauty could not be seen by a human eye, but it could be captured by a macro end digital lens!

We have put together the best macro videos featuring the hypnotizing beauty of colored ink in water, different subjects cut in half including fruits, vegetables, a shoe and even an old digital camera! You’ll see close macro footage of burning cigarette and different everyday objects shoot with a macro lens. If you don’t want to miss out their next video, feel free to visit Macro Room website and subscribe to their social media channels.

P.S. Be careful, these videos are highly addictive! After watching just one video you can’t stop until you watch them all!

Ink In Motion

Cigarettes In Macro

Macro War

Everyday Objects In Macro

Playing With Steel Wool

Things Cut In Half

Colors In Macro

Satisfying Melting In Macro

Ice Cream Melting In Macro

Pills Dissolve In Macro