The art of storytelling exists since time immemorial. The beauty of technology is that we can make use of it to tell visceral and complex stories in just a few minutes. A promo or brand video is one of the best ways to tell clients your story and promote your services. A well-structured and eye-catchy brand video creates that buzz around your brand and increases client awareness, especially now with the rise of video content on LinkedIn and video being more adopted overall.

The very first thing to consider if you are going to create a brand video is sharing your own story. It all starts with writing a video script that’s optimized for retention.

Be it your hobbies, loved ones, career, favorite songs and movies, how you first set up your business, or whatever matters to you, your clients will love it. A promo video adds more personality to your brand and shows potential clients that you are also human and ready to connect with them. Remember, the crux of the matter is to cause positive emotions with your footage. You can hire a videographer to create a video for you based on your story.

We have put together 20 creative powerful brand videos for your inspiration from some of the best explainer video production agencies. Maybe you’ll find some cool ideas to implement in your future projects. Who knows? We might just find about you online.

The Minnetonka Story

Photographer Promo for Jessica Roberts

128 Years of Coca-Cola’s History in 2 Minutes

Dr. Martens – The History

Direct Brand Video

Brand Video

The History of Apple in 2 Minutes

Imagine The Possibilities | Barbie

KI: Michael Levin

74 Years of McDonald’s Marketing in Two Minutes

Cadabbra — Brand Animation

Promo for Brazilian photografer Fernanda Petelinkar

Bond. Brand Loyalty

Experience Pana Photography

Panda Brand Video

We Are Trendi Creative

Apple – Perspective

Xbox One: The Best-Selling Console in America

2015 Smith Brand Video

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