For Isabella Bulova, a 26-year old photographer from Croatia, true passion lies in fine art. She started shooting everything surrounding her, including herself, since she was barely 11. Before graduating from high school, Isabella changed her mind about studying languages and took up art education instead. Nevertheless, words fascinate her. She is a translator of ideas and words into photography and colors. But her inspiration is not limited to communication and language. For her, it’s all about a specific moment in time. In an interview for Dodho Magazine, she confesses that

“I’m searching for tiny moments that happen in a fraction of a second and struggle to capture them. When I’m shooting portraits, it’s always those moments that fascinate me. A frown, a raised eyebrow, distress, curled up lips, the unexpected.”

The only model available at that moment was herself. So Isabella started documenting her own self in a form of a visual diary. She is trying to capture a moment with color and real emotions. Not only is she amazing at photography and blogging, but also at creating collage art, jewelry, and graphic design. When asked what inspires her most, Isabella Bulova answered,

“My work is strongly influenced by nature, dreams and the surreal. I approach every photograph as a unique piece that tells a story and emotionally engages the viewer. When I’m not holding my camera, I spend my time watching movies with friends (and eating nachos!) while my cats keep us company.”

Isabella Bubola’s Artwork

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