Meet FLUX – The “Everything 3D Printer for Designers”

The FLUX Delta + is a revolutionary 3D printer that has infinite possibilities. This modular, lightweight device appears to be created for any and all types of designers. With an impressive use of technology, the FLUX offers laser engraving, 3D printing, vinyl cutting, drawing, and much more. The variety of digital fabrications makes this 3D printer perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Raising over 1.5 million dollars on Kickstarter, this machine is every creator’s dream and is perfect for both professionals and hobbyists.

Something for Everyone

FLUX, also known as the “everything printer,” is elegant yet simple. The fused filament fabrication 3D printing is just the beginning. Weighing at only 12 lbs, the compact FLUX offers interchangeable modules that will allow you to create anything you can imagine. We mean it. In fact, the creators of FLUX  boast that you can even design your own chocolates with their chocolate printing module. This machine is perfect for engineers, educators, designers, or someone simply looking to create things. Check out some of the printer’s main features and functions.

3D Printing

The 3D printing capabilities of the FLUX Delta + appear to be endless with its automatic calibration. The FLUX smart error protection, which will stop the printing process automatically if it detects a possible error. You can also monitor your creations while away from the machine using mobile wireless monitoring. It also offers multi-colored layer monitoring.

You can make models, proof designs, and engineer products from the comfort of your own desk with FLUX. When you are done printing an object, the FLUX uses a metal base plate that allows you to peel off your creation with ease. The easy and affordable 3D printing is perfect for developers, designers, and educators.

Laser Engraving

The laser Engraving feature on the FLUX allows you to engrave any image or text you desire onto any surface you’d like. We love this engraver because it is safe to use on any desktop, it operates at 200mw. The possibilities are endless with this machine, as you can recreate vector and bitmap images. The shading capabilities of this intelligent machine are outstanding. The laser engraver also has the smart error protection. The engraver is perfect for personalized gifts or branding your products.

Vinyl Cutting

The newest model of the FLUX, the FLUx Delta +, offers a vinyl cutting tool head. This makes it easy to create stickers, etch glass, and print on screens. The tool head is very precise and offers an automatic correction. The blade has a 2000M lifespan, so you can create and stick anything for as long as you’d like!

Endless Possibilities

The creators of FLUX understand that developer’s needs change daily. They have included an Open SDK, which allows one to use an extension port and open-sourced documents. According to FLUX’s website, “with a custom module and precise commands, it is possible to turn it (FLUX) into a coffee machine or Pac-Man.” We just ordered our own for the Designaholic office!

The FLUX also offers drawing capabilities, where you can attach a drawing utensil to the holding module. You can choose a  vector image on your computer that the FLUX will replicate on a surface of your choice. The crafting and designing possibilities are endless!