Tjalf Sparnaay’s Hyperrealism Paintings of Food will Leave You Hungry for More

We first stumbled across Tjalf Sparnaay’s work when we found (what we thought was) a picture of a fried egg. One of our designers commented that the lighting was well-done, especially for a photograph of an egg. Upon further investigation, we realized that this was in fact not a photograph, but a painting by Sparnaay. We learned that his up-close paintings of food are widely celebrated and considered an important part of the photorealism movement. His hyperrealistic paintings will leave your mouth watering in disbelief. 

hyperrealism paintings

Self-Taught Hyperrealism

Sparnaay started painting in 1987 and has been perfecting his craft ever since. Born in the Netherlands, he specializes in photographs, illustrations, and paintings. Surprisingly, he has not received any formal training in painting. Sparnaay is inspired by Carel Willink, a Dutch painter who also specialized in realism. Sparnaay learned hyperrealism by practicing and observing other megarealism artists like Ralph Goings and Charles Bell.

hyperrealism paintings

hyperrealism paintings

Simple Foods Made Intricate

Each painting is appealing because they are realistic, but also because they allow the audience to marvel at the beauty in ordinary objects. Sparnaay inflates food and other objects to appear larger than life. As you marvel at his work, you can’t help but ask “is this a photograph or a painting?” The hypnotizing color and attention to detail have left us breathless. On his website, Sparnaay commented that his “paintings are intended to enable the viewer to experience reality once again, to rediscover the essence of the object that has become so common. I wish to reduce it to the DNA of the universal structure in all its beauty.”

hyperrealism paintings

Sparnaay’s work is exhibited across the globe. You can find and buy his original work at the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York, the Mark Peet Visser Gallery in the Netherlands, and the PlusOne Gallery in London. He has had 11 solo exhibitions since he began in 1987. One of his hyperrealism paintings can cost over $55,000.

hyperrealism paintings

hyperrealism paintings

Less is More

Sparnaay is also known for the inflated and realistic paintings of objects other than food, but we can’t help but obsess over food art. In an interview with China’s Neweekly, Sparnaay commented that he likes painting french fries the best. When asked why he chooses to paint food, he said that food is an “ordinary subject that comes along with my desire to show people their own common world. If any message, I can bring it better in this way. I love to show people light and dark metaphors which can be seen in all my paintings.”

hyperrealism paintings

Sparnaay beautiful and mouthwatering paintings are praised by art critics and foodies alike. The gigantic paintings of our favorite indulgences take hyperrealism to a whole new level. Is it time for lunch yet?

hyperrealism paintings

hyperrealism paintings

11 Cool Futuristic Car Concepts You Need to See

Mercede-Maybach, Bugatti, Ferrari, Tesla, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Porsche. It’s no doubt that everybody has heard of these car manufacturers. If not, everyone has dreamed of having a luxury or sports car. Did you know that the most expensive sports car in 2017 is Koenigsegg’s CCXR Trevita? You can own it for a whopping $4.8 million! Koenigsegg is a Swedish high-performance sports car manufacturer, which boasts with other insanely expensive cars, namely One:1 and Regera, for $2 million each. What about the most expensive luxury car? You guessed it! It is the one-off Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero for $10.1 million. Why not buy an island with that money?

What all these cars have in common (besides excellent specs) is an aerodynamic design that is futuristic and jaw-dropping. The purpose of aerodynamics is to:

  • reduce drag and wind noise;
  • minimize noise emission;
  • prevent undesired lift forces at high speeds.

Not only that, but proper principles of aerodynamics allow sonic and supersonic speeds. Only planes managed to break the sound barrier by now. Yet, we do not know what the future holds in store. One day, cars may reach supersonic and even hypersonic speeds, which is five times faster than the speed of sound. Regarding the design, these futuristic concepts focus on fluidity and cohesion. The colors are bright but not flashy. They seem to employ a neon-themed palette for their designs. The following collection is only conceptual, since these cars have yet to be manufactured. Still, these 11 cool futuristic concepts will definitely amaze you! Scroll down and enjoy the collection:

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6


The design of the concept of EQA


Jaguar’s Future-Type Concept


Kia Concept


Mini John Cooper


BMW i vision dynamics electric concept car


AUDI’s all-electric ‘aicon’ concept


Honda retro-styled urban EV concept


exclusive BMW concept Z4


Mercedes-Maybach 6 cabriolet concept


MINI electric concept vehicle


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20 Creative Coffee Packaging Designs for Your Inspiration

There’s nothing like a cup of coffee to start your day. It’s true that coffee has become a huge part of our everyday morning routine. Whether you drip it or ground the beans yourselves, a flavorful cup of coffee will surely jump-start your day. There’s a myriad of coffee brands you can buy nowadays. From Latino blends to Ethiopian Heirloom or even a good old cup of Seattle’s Best®, you might feel flooded by all the variety on the market. You might not know all the differences in flavor. In short, it is quite a challenge to choose the right brand of coffee. Right?

When it comes to coffee, the very first thing we pay attention to is packaging. We will not be talking about vacuum sealing, but about the actual design. Marketers have been trying their best to make the packaging of their products stand out. These 20 creative coffee packaging designs will inspire you as you are sipping your coffee:

Dear Mama by Cosa Nostra, M Kapinos, Maciej Witkowski

Darkstar Coffee by Adrian Perrine

Le Petit Café by Mustafa Akülker and MARKA NETWORK

o r i g i n by Marina Porte

Double bit axe by Daria Stetsenko

Coffee and People cafe branding by Dmitry Neal, Egor Golopolosov and BOOMAGA

Doz Roastery by Ipek Eris

Kokomo Coffee packaging by AKU and Ryan Chapman

ROUSED by Sydney Jacobson

COFFEE INN coffee by Valerija Zileniene, Algirdas Orantas, Irmantas Savulio

Röstraum Coffee by Glod Design

BARE Coffee Roasters by Eric Lee

Coffee Roaster packaging by Eric Nyffeler

Roasted Coffee by Jacob Waites

KUWA Coffee by Sacha Lovell

City of Saints: House Blend Packaging by Phalen Reed

BeanUp! Coffee Roaster Identity by Peter Kocur

Gravity Coffee Packaging by Forever After Design Studio

JET | Coffee Bag Packaging by Sammy Spiteri

So!Food Pastry & Coffee by Nelly Boyanova

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