At Designoholic, we are suckers for great branding. An easy way to make your product stand out is to design clever packaging that communicates what your brand is all about. We believe that packaging is just as important as the product itself. Marketing your brand through packaging will influence sales and inspire people to learn more about your product.

Designing a simple and functional package is no easy feat, and many companies are looking to professional designers and artists to create the perfect package. We have gathered 5 of our favorite packages over the years that truly go beyond a simple box. Take note of the ingenuity and resourcefulness some of these artists used for their clients.



Hanger-Tea is the perfect example of how to correctly design a product package that is functional. We love this packaging because the tea bags are neatly organized and displayed in what appears to be a closet. The individual tea bags are little T-shirts that hang on to your cup. Designer Soon Mo Kang came up with this masterpiece back in 2010. Each colored hanger represents a different tea flavor. 


Thelma’s Treats

Any creative way to display sweets is right up our alley. Thelma’s Treats is a bakery in Des Moines that specializes in cookies and ice cream sandwiches. They deliver warm delicious cookies straight to your door. We love the box these cookies come in, an oven. When you receive your cookies, you slide the cookies straight out of the over yourself, reminding you that these cookies are fresh and hot. Derick Lewis, the co-owner, decided to name the company after his grandmother, Thelma. Derick knew he wanted to recreate that nostalgic feeling you get when you are at grandma’s house as a child. He decided to go with a 1950’s style oven to help take you back.  


Panasonic Earbud Notes

Back in 2010, Panasonic needed a new way to market their RP-HJE 130 earbuds. What better way to do that than with brilliant packaging? The earphones are packaged and shaped into an eighth music note. The concept was done so well that it won the Cannes Lions Award for its creativity. The design was completed by Scholz and Friends in Berlin. There is nothing particularly special about these headphones, but the packaging had the product jumping off the shelf in 2010. 


CS Lightbulbs

The genius behind these elegant packages speaks for themselves. Designer Angelina Pischikova created these packages for CS, an electrical company in Berlin. She was inspired by the old physics textbooks from Thomas Edison. The detailed images of bugs and the simplicity of the product are the perfect recipe for brilliant packaging. It is important to note that these packages fully show the product, a lightbulb, and it is paired with a similarly shaped bug. We like that each box has a number assigned and that the wattage is easy to see.


Nike Air

This is another outstanding concept done by Scholz and Friends for Nike’s Air shoe. We love that this package challenges the simple cardboard shoebox we have grown accustomed to. This packaging cushions the product and is see-through, properly displaying and protecting the product. The cushioned package also helps tie in the “air” branding. Not to mention, it looks really cool. 

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