Jeremy Cowart is an award-winning portrait photographer from Nashville, Tennessee. Although he started out as an artist, studying graphic design, he nevertheless discovered his passion. Back then, photography was just a hobby. However, Jeremy realized shortly after that photography was his true calling. He believes that his mission is to explore creativity and empathy within humankind. Jeremy has traveled the world, inspiring people to live for what matters most in life.

In 2005, Jeremy Cowart started working as a photographer full-time. The Huffington Post, Forbes and Yahoo named him “Most Influential Photographer on the Internet” in 2014. Although he is mostly known for his celebrities and musician shots, he is also a speaker, teacher, and author, having published four books.

What’s more, Jeremy spends a lot of time on entrepreneurial ideas and humanitarian projects. Firstly, he has founded an online teaching platform on photography, See University. Secondly, he founded a global photography movement, Help-Portrait. Moreover, he has launched his first inspiring iPhone app OKDOTHIS, “a community that encourages growth and inspires us all to DO more.”

As mentioned before, he is an award-winning artist in various fields:

For more of his works, don’t hesitate to visit his website.

“If I lost every image I’ve ever created, I’d be fine with it. It would just give me an excuse to start over and re-invent myself. Sounds fun actually” – Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy Cowart’s Artwork

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